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Waste Water Remediation

Waste Water Remediation

Advanced Waste Water Treatment

According to statistics, North America alone generates around 85 cubic km of waste water in a single year. Less than five percent of this water is re-used, which is a very low amount when considering the shrinking source of clean water available. Many individuals and companies are trying to find new ways to use this treated water beneficially. H2O PROCESSING, Inc. has created a global advanced waste water remediation system that allows industries of all types to recycle their waste water. Over the past three decades, our team has helped some of the biggest companies in the country, including some of the following:

  • BP
  • Chevron
  • Hamilton Motors
  • Amaco
  • Levi
  • LA Municipal Sewage
  • Jackson Ice Cream

Recycling Water through Electro Chemistry

Waste water can come from any type of industrial plant, building, domestic residence, or municipal facility. The most common type of waste water is liquid sewage. This is a mixture of human byproduct, washing machine water, and other items found in a sewage system. Contaminated groundwater can also be referred to as waste water. Insecticide, petroleum products, and other chemicals can all be found in groundwater.

Even though some filtration systems can take care of many of these contaminates, there is still the need for further treatment. With our technology, which utilizes electrocoagulation, we can eliminate a wide variety of these harmful contaminates. The process uses a strong electrical current to create an electromotive force that drives beneficial chemical reactions. These contaminates will be formed into easily removable entities, allowing for a simple and effective waste water treatment. Through electro chemistry, we can provide clean, reusable water to a wide range of businesses, facilities, and factories. If you would like more information on our advanced waste water remediation system, contact us today at 303-419-2999.