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About Us


Creating a Global Water Supply

At H2O PROCESSING, Inc., we believe in utilizing our technology and resources to benefit the world. Our success is rooted in our company’s management team, made up of a group of highly talented individuals. Nearly all of our team has been involved in the latest “green technology” for more than two decades. We have been working in the field of ecology for numerous years, even before a pressing global need was realized.

Our team has been highly instrumental in providing new and improved technology to the waste-to-energy, water reclamation, and water treatment practices. We use electro chemistry, which is the electromotive force used to drive chemical reactions in a solution, suspension, or emulsion. This essentially provides a mechanism for removing dissolved, suspended, or emulsified molecules, element, or ions in a water stream.

Through this system, we are able to provide cleaner water sources, conserving what once was considered “waste” or unusable water. We use our talent and knowledge to find ways to further the production of alternate fuels and water sources for our commercial clients. Our team is available to perform commercial services for nearly any type of industry, including oil, municipal and dairy facilities. We have worked on numerous projects for big names, such as BP, Hamilton Motors, LA Municipal Sewage, and Levi. Our team is here to challenge and push that standard, finding new ways to conserve our global water source.

Our Management

Stan Abrams, CEO

Mr. Abrams has been involved in the bio-mass, waste-to-energy business for the last 25 years. Mr. Abrams developed two public companies that designed and built several waste-to-energy plants in the U.S. and seven foreign countries. He aided in the design of a patented bio-mass combustor and its six patents. His companies proved the ability to take solid waste and make clean safe energy from it. This impressive accomplishment fueled him to continue research and development of sustainable waste water remediation technology.

Brett Abrams, COO

Mr. Bret Abrams developed the largest tire recycling plant in Dallas, Texas while working along the side of his father, Stan Abrams. In addition to his ability to apply his financial degree, he worked with the CFO to help file and formulate the development of the public companies. He has working knowledge of recycling and the ability to implement the designs of the equipment and manpower needed to operate a plant successfully.

James Woodley, CFO

Mr. Woodley has worked with Mr. Stan Abrams as his right hand and CFO for 20 years. He has vast experience in record keeping for private and public companies and especially companies involved in new projects and build outs. Mr. Woodley works closely with the auditors in the filing of all necessary documents, reports, and declarations needed for audits and the filing for SEC regulators.

If you would like more information, please contact us today at 303-419-2999.