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Additional Applications

Global Water Treatment Applications

Additional Waste Water Remediation Locations

Own a dairy or animal facility? Want to increase the environmental mindset of your wash pad? H2O PROCESSING, Inc. is here to help. For the past three decades, our global advanced waste water remediation team has been developing and implementing some of the most effective treatment tools.

We have helped some of the top name companies in the country, including BP, Chevron, and Levi. We can help extract all elements out of contaminated water, creating a recycled, reusable water supply. We work with a wide variety of facilities, buildings, and factories, including zoos, dairies, aquariums, fish farms, chicken ranches, waste lagoons, and hatcheries. Our electrocoagulation treatment can eliminate solids, oils and grease, and pathogens; our goal is to produce a cleaner, healthier incoming stream for animal drinking water.

Need a cleaner water source?

We will use our ElecTemical Flocculation Systems™ to target drop contaminants found in the following:

  • Tank bottoms
  • Reserve pits
  • Mine tailings ponds
  • Gravel pits

We can also work on wash pads, which typically include vehicle, equipment, and part washing operations. For all facilities that utilize steam cleaners, pressure washers, and other similar cleaning equipment, we have the technology to help. Our system allows you loop and recycle the water source you used for previous jobs.

This method is cost-effective and environmentally minded. Laundry style facilities can also benefit from our HyrdoZap™ treatment systems. Cooling towers are treated through our ElecTemical™ Batch Treatment System, which removes or reduces a wide range of contaminants.

H2O PROCESSING, Inc. is here to provide a sustainable method for recycling and reusing water. Through electro chemistry we are able to create clean, safe water again. If you would like more information on any of our treatment systems or would like to schedule services, contact us today at 303-419-2999.