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Oil Fields

Worldwide Oil Field Water Treatments

Committed to Conserving the World’s Water Source

We know how important it is to reuse water when possible, which is why we created our electrocoagulation technology. We have more than three decades of experience in advanced water remediation practice. As a global waste water remediation company, we have worked with numerous companies within the oil industry, such as BP, Amoco, and Chevron. As experts in the field of electro chemistry, we are here to help your company make your contaminated water source usable again.

In the drilling industry, companies use reserve pits to clean and separate cuttings from the drilling fluids. This fluid can’t be discharged through sumps, septic systems, or disposal wells due to the high level of contaminants. This means you will need to find an alternative method to dispose of the fluid or recycle it. The typical treatment of drilling fluids involves a chemical coagulating agent that has continued to become more and more costly. As regulations increase, liability for these cleaning chemicals continues to grow.

Why use H2O PROCESSING, Inc.?

Our company is here to provide the solution you need for your oil fields. With electrocoagulation, we can treat the waste water to remove almost all of the contaminants. This will allow you to reuse your water in another drilling application as well. Our water treatment system will do the following for our clients:

  • Eliminate liability or costs for chemicals
  • Treated water can be reused
  • Eliminate risk of fines or potential jail time
  • Improve public image (environmentally friendly practice)
  • Eliminate need for a discharge permit

With proven results, we are here to help your company succeed. No more chemicals or expensive fines to worry about-we can provide the clear and reusable water you need through electro chemistry! If you would like more information on our treatment systems, please contact us today at 303-419-2999.