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Municipal Water Treatment

Municipal Water Treatment

Improving Worldwide Water Quality

H2O PROCESSING, Inc. understands how important it is to provide high quality water to local residents. We are here to help you meet the growing needs of your area by providing a sustainable, clean water source. With our advance water remediation technology, we will make sure you meet and comply with any regulatory requirements for water usage and wastewater treatment. Having clean, drinkable water is a huge priority. As the world’s water source continues to shrink, we need to find more ways to recycle and reuse waste water.

Our advanced waste water remediation team is committed to finding the right solution for water treatment and reuse. Whether you are a large or small municipality, we can help you create clean, drinkable water again. There are two primary sources that supply our domestic water distribution. Surface water and well water are both used to maintain a city’s water supply. Well water is pumped from deep in the ground, which is why there are typically large amounts of mineral contaminants found in it. Clays, calcium and silica chloride are often found in surface water. Other sources are found in desalinization and water reuse.

Providing a Sustainable Water Source

The common treatment of municipal water is complex and often not as effective as our electro chemistry method. The following factors must considered when trying to decide how to treat your city water:

  • Anticipated Population Growth
  • Water Quality Criteria
  • Weather Conditions
  • Geographic Location
  • Financing

Unfortunately, the current design and operation of water treatment plants can be costly, carrying more liability, as well. You will be held responsible for spills, employer safety, chemical hazards, and regulation violations. It can be difficult to control, operate, and maintain these types of facilities. Your well water faces the threat of metals, petroleum based materials, and poisonous minerals such as arsenic. Unlike other systems, our electrocoagulation treatment system can be adjusted and modified for new contaminants and hazardous chemicals. You will be able to utilize our system alongside a regular water plant design, producing water at a much higher rate. If you would like more information, contact us today at 303-419-2999.