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Bilge Water

Bilge Water Treatment System

Worldwide Waste Water Filtration

Every type of ship produces some amount of bilge water, which can become a serious health hazard and disposal concern. For more than three decades, H2O PROCESSING, Inc. has been working together to create a system for advanced waste water remediation. This technology allows us to turn previously unusable sources of water-such as bilge water-into a clean water source. Our global water treatment experts are continually looking for new ways to expand and develop effective methods for water filtration and remediation.

The International Maritime Organization requires bilge water to have residual oil content below 15ppm before it can be disposed into the sea. We make sure bilge water in your ship is treated properly, complying with all regulations and requirements. Our treatment method reduces levels far below 15ppm and allows for oil contaminates to be recycled. This saves you time, money, and provides an extra supply of oil.

Eliminating Bilge Water in Your Ship

When there are small, uncontrolled leaks throughout the ship, the water will generally settle in the bilge, or bottom of the ship. This is a mixture of salt water, fuel oil, dirt, cleaning chemicals, cooling water, and other drain off. IMO requires this water to be treated properly before any of it can be discharged into the ocean.

We can eliminate the dangers of bilge water in nearly any type of ship, including:

  • Oil Tankers
  • Freighters
  • Container Ships
  • Surface Vessels
  • Cruise Ships

We are here to help you find a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to this problem. When you utilize our services, we will make sure your ship satisfies all IMO standards and regulations. Through our treatment, you will also be able to recycle the oil from the bilge water. Overall, H2O PROCESSING, Inc. offers one of the most comprehensive and affordable methods for eliminating bilge water from your ship.

If you would like to find out more about our treatment method, contact us at 303-419-2999.